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The main higher educational establishment in the system of training,
in-service training and advance training of civil servants
and local self-government officials in Ukraine



The National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (hereafter the National Academy) is the main public institution of higher education in the system of training, in-service training and advance training of public servants and local self-government officials in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine was created by the Decree of the President of Ukraine 398 as of 30 May 1995.

In 1996 the local branches of the Ukrainian Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine opened in Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Odesa and Kharkiv and in 2001 they were granted a status of regional institutes.

Taking into consideration its weighty contribution into the development of public administration in Ukraine as well as nationwide and international recognition of the results of its activity, the Ukrainian Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine was granted a status of the National and was subsequently renamed as the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine by the Decree of the President of Ukraine 869 as of 21 August 2003.

The mission of the National Academy is to form a professional democratic administrative elite of the Ukrainian society based on modern scientific achievements and knowledge transfer technologies concerning the implementation of effective public administration.

Over the period of its existence, the National Academy has increased its academic, educational and scientific potential. In the structure of the institution, the educational and scientific process as of 1 March 2018 was provided by the Institute of Public Management and Administration (Kyiv), the In-Service Training Institute for Senior Executives, the Institute of Expert-Analytical and Scientific Researches and 4 Regional Institutes of Public Administration in the cities of Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa and Kharkiv, 9 faculties, 44 chairs (eleven of them in Kyiv). For administrative support of the National Academy activity (Kyiv), the departments of communications, organizational support, financial planning, accounting and reporting, informatization, as well as centres of distance learning, publishing and printing, operational and service work, as well as independent divisions for ensuring the quality of the educational process, the competitive selection of applicants for higher education, the organization of training for academic personnel, human resources, legal support, library and sector for preventing and combating corruption were established and continue their activity.

Educational and scientific potential of the National Academy is represented by more than 470 scientific, educational and research employees, including 150 Doctors of Sciences, Professors and more than 400 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors. About 100 academic employees have state awards, among them more than 30 are awarded with the honorary title Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Honored Economist of Ukraine.

Also, more than 180 national and foreign specialists in the field of public administration, experienced managers, including senior officials of the state, are involved in the educational process annually.

Today, the National Academy offers Master's training in the specialty Public Management and Administration of the branch of knowledge Public Management and Administration.

The mission of the program is based on the educational philosophy, the basic provisions of which all participants of the academic process at the Academy (students, teachers, employees, graduates) should perceive as the main value orientations for mastering the theory and practice of public administration, namely:

1) focus on the effective and productive implementation of the strategic goals, objectives and functions of the state; the formation of a national public administration culture;

2) serving the people of Ukraine, providing citizens of the Ukrainian state with quality services, ensuring civil rights and freedoms; promoting political and social partnerships as a means of society consolidation;

3) adaptation of the content of education to the processes of globalization, internationalization, new international political, economic, humanitarian, administrative context, the entry of Ukraine into the European space; development in public servants, local self-government officials of a global worldview, European thinking, national self-consciousness;

4) formation of students knowledge, skills, abilities and experience of effective public administration, aimed at ensuring progressive changes in society, reforming the political, economic, social, humanitarian spheres, administrative system; development of innovative professional qualities: independent critical thinking, creativity, initiative, comprehensive impartial reflection of social problems, forecasting the consequences of management decisions, social responsibility, conversational ability, development of partnership relations;

5) diversification of the content, forms, methods of training in order to ensure accessibility and equal opportunities, professional improvement, maximum satisfaction of professional individual needs;

6) constant updating of the content and modernization of teaching methods and tools; participation of the entire academic team and students in the formation and adjustment of the content, forms and methods of teaching.

Annually, the National Academy recruits students for full-time, part-time, and evening-time modes of study.

Since 1995, the National Academy has trained about 30 thousand Masters, including more than 20 thousand by the government contract, almost 10 thousand of Bachelors and Specialists, provided more than 3 thousand foreign internships for students, post-graduate students, doctoral students, teachers, scientists and employees of the institution.

An important activity of the National Academy is in its scientific component, which focuses on:

 development of the field of science Public Administration;
 conducting fundamental and applied research on public administration and local self- governance issues;
 scientific support of the educational process;
 provision of expert advisory, information-analytical, scientific and methodological services on the theory and practice of state-building;
 organization and development of international cooperation on scientific research in this field.

In order to provide scientific support for the process of training, in-service training and advance training of public servants and local self-government officials over the years of the National Academy existence, scientists have published over 750 monographs, 300 textbooks and 1 300 manuals.

An important activity of the National Academy is the training of highly qualified scientific and academic personnel. For this purpose, postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, and six academic councils have been created and are functioning in the institution. In total, during their work (as of 1 March 2018), 937 dissertations have been defended, including 135 doctoral dissertations and 802 dissertations for a Candidate of Sciences degree. At present, the part of defended dissertations at the National Academy and its regional institutes in the total number of defended papers in the field of public administration is almost 60%.

Currently all the conditions for getting modern quality education are created at the National Academy. Material and technical resources of academic buildings and dormitories are constantly updated. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the learning process and utilization of new information and communication technologies, a new library with a modern electronic catalogue was opened in the National Academy.

The Distance Learning Centre was established in the institution with international technical assistance of the Government of Canada and the World Bank. It became the first Development Learning Network Center in Eurasian Global region. In order to provide for the development of distance learning in Ukraine, the Department of Innovative Educational Technologies together with the Chairs of the National Academy holds scientific research, provides consultancy, develops and implements new ways and technologies of distance learning.

In order to integrate the National Academy into the European and world educational space, to use the world achievements of public administration, to update the existing training system and curriculum, the National Academy maintains partnerships with more than 150 foreign and international organizations from 20 countries of the world, participates in the implementation of more than 30 international projects and programmes.

As of today, the National Academy is a member to 5 international organizations: Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee), International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA), Global Development Learning Network of the World Bank (GDLN) and the Network of Directors of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration (DISPA).

Over the years of its activity the National Academy has gained high authority in the system of central bodies of Ukraine, confirmed its leadership role in the development of theory and methodology of public administration, achieved significant results in fulfilment of the main task training of highly efficient personnel for public administration and local self-governance as well as brining up public administrative and political elite.

The modern development of the National Academy is aimed at strengthening of its role in the system of training for new generation of professional managers who are able to competently and efficiently perform their work to ensure the development of Ukraine as a democratic, legal, social state and its integration into the global community.

Training of modern managers for public administration at the National Academy is achieved through the implementation of comprehensive practice-oriented system for training of public servants and local self-government officials.

Graduates of the National Academy represent a new generation of public administration specialists. Modern knowledge and skills, acquired during the training, are necessary for the establishment of real democracy, social justice, ensuring human rights and freedoms, and sustainable development on the basis of global and European standards.

The institution has a modern educational, scientific and social infrastructure, which allows to successfully provide graduate, postgraduate and doctoral training, scientific, publishing and international activity, in-service training, develop new dimensions of activity and make a worthy contribution into the process of integration of Ukraine into the global education area.


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