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Access to Public Information

The issue of access to public information is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Access to Public Information", Decrees of the President of Ukraine "The issue of executive agencies access to public information" and "On urgent measures to ensure access to public information in the subsidiary bodies established by the President of Ukraine", resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "Matter of the Law of Ukraine on Access to Public Information", central, local and other executive bodies, which main purpose is to ensure the realization of citizens' constitutional rights to collect, store, and spread information freely.

Provision of public information by the National Academy of Public Administration of the President of Ukraine is carried in response to the information request.

By law, information should match the following requirements to become public information: reflected and documented in any media, obtained or created in performance with subjects duties, accepted by law, or owned by authority sub ' objects.

A request for information obtainment can be made in any form.

Main necessities for such request:

  • requestor's name, mailing address or email address and phone number;
  • description of information that the requestor would like to obtain (type, name, information or content of the document);
  • signature and date.
  • To register information request, contact:

    • By phone: (044) 481 21 88
    • Mail: 03057, Kyiv-57, str. E. Pottier, 20, The National Academy of Public Administration of the President of Ukraine (indicate "Public Information" on the envelope)
    • Fax: (044) 481 21 55
    • E-mail:

    Mail forms of submission for information request:

    • individual;
    • legal entity;
    • citizen associations;


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