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The main higher educational establishment in the system of training,
in-service training and advance training of civil servants
and local self-government officials in Ukraine


Since the 2003-2004 academic year, the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine has instituted a new form of studies called "Distance Learning".

Distance Learning was an innovative form of learning directly at the place where the individual resides without interrupting the carrying out of their basic activities and using contemporary information and communication technologies (ITC).

Studies take place through the National Academy's Distance Learning Center.

The integration of distance learning technologies allows modernizing the traditional model of distance learning in accordance with the requirements of the modern information society and achieving the following benefits:
reducing the term of face-to-face sessions (up to 1 week);
balanced distribution of academic load throughout the semester and improvement the quality and efficiency of education;
providing students with e-learning methodical and training materials for mastering the educational program;
studying in individual mode, in accordance with special features and capabilities of each student, on-the-job training (distance);
permanent consultative support students throughout the study period.

Basic requirements for distance learning for students:

  • compulsory attendance of students at face-to-face sessions;
  • taking final control tests of each discipline only at face-to-face sessions;
  • meeting deadlines for all types of academic disciplines;
  • informing of problems relating to learning process on time;
  • individual performance of practical tasks with a focus on their own professional interests;
  • adherence to weekly schedules;
  • personal responsibility for the evaluation.

Employees of the Distance Learning Center of the National Academy carry out the program-methodological, normative, organizational, technical and technological support of the educational process according to the distance-distance form.

The term of studies is 2.5 years in the off-campus, distance format.

Additional requirements of students applying for Distance Learning (DL) are:

  • readiness to use modern Information and Communication Technologies, which is determined upon entering the program by a computer test as established by the Academy's admissions committee;
  • available access to the internet and e-mail.


The learning process takes place during face-to-face sessions in the inter-semester period.

Face-to-Face sessions are of two types:

  • entrance;
  • examination;

Entrance and examination sessions take place during the course of a single week, three times a year, and are designed to:

  • provide instruction regarding the general questions as to how DL is organized;
  • participate in lectures, seminars and workshops in disciplines that are being studied at a distance during the inter-semester period;
  • hold consultations and present a summation of the success of the individual's learning of the disciplines in the chosen program.



  • Students are provided with the entire package of teaching materials related to each discipline, including:
    • an electronic, interactive multimedia guidebook
    • a workbook (with a schedule and plan for the entire course, assignments, and information about all forms of activities)
    • access to an electronic library;
  • Students are able to apply what they learn in their day-to-day work immediately and directly.

During the inter-session period (16-week semesters) students study at a distance without interruptions from their main activities, through the Prometheus computer learning management system by:

  • studying theoretical materials (learning methods set);
  • taking tests to establish the level of mastery over the theoretical portion for themselves (Prometheus);
  • completing practical assignments;
  • participating in workshop activities, business games, role-playing, and other forms of group activities (either simultaneously (internet chats) or asynchronously (internet forum), Prometheus).

Students in distance studies who have completed the curriculum, defended their Master's thesis and passed the state examination are granted the degree of Masters by decision of a Examination Board and issued a diploma of the established format.


Distance Lerning Center
National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine