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The main higher educational establishment in the system of training,
in-service training and advance training of civil servants
and local self-government officials in Ukraine



One of the key objectives of the National Academy is to prepare Masters in public administration. Since the Academy was founded, it has graduated nearly 12,000. The degree program includes two specializations: State Management and Managing Social Development. In 2008, the National Academy was licensed to introduce seven new specializations in the Public Administration field.


State Management

This Master's Program provides professional training for specialists in national and local government who are able to develop, analyze and carry out state policy creatively and effectively, to govern for results, and to foster innovative processes in society in order to entrench social justice, democracy, human rights and freedoms, and sustainable development based on international and European standards.

This professional development program for Masters in State Management through 2011 was only the fourth such accredited program in Public Administration in Europe.

The curriculum focuses specifically on such issues as analyzing public policy, strategic planning, approaches to government and decision-making, organizational management, mechanisms of consensus-building in government communication, ethics for civil servants, management workstyles, organizing the work of government, and so on.


Managing Social Development

The purpose of this Program is to prepare personnel for national and local government who are able to develop and institute public policy. The main competencies covered by this Master's Program are:

  • determining development strategies at the national, branch and local levels;
  • developing predictive and programmed documents for economic and social development;
  • planning measures to reach national, regional and branch program objectives;
  • organizing joint actions with civil society institutions;
  • undertaking the regulation of the competencies of a given body or subdepartment;
  • ensuring oversight of measures that will foster business development and commercial ties with partners, based on the study and evaluation of world management practices based on the principles of world and European integration;
  • understanding the efficient management of public money and other resources at the disposal of a given government body.


Public Administration

This professional development Program for Masters in Public Administration offers training in public administration for specialists who are able to provide a European level of administrative services based on putting the principles of democratic governance into action.

The Program trains the student in specific disciplines:

  • competence in the use of the instruments of democratic governance in national and local government and in cooperation with Europe;
  • capacity to analyze and forecast and to develop and rationalize effective governing decisions;
  • communication, teamwork, cooperative and conflict resolution skills.


Public Policy and Government

The objective of this specialization is to prepare community and political activists and specialists for national and local government bodies who are models of competent public servants in a competitive society, who know modern approaches to and instruments of public government activity; who operate on a systemic basis and understand how to prepare analytical papers; who are able to consider a variety of possible actions as a political process unfolds; who can organize consultations with stakeholders and interest groups (voters, community organizations, business representatives) in the process of developing and making public policy; who can assess the consequences of carrying out policies, and oversee the enactment of decisions made by national and local government bodies.


Public Policy in National Security

Mastering the disciplines of this specialist will allow the professional to:

  • undertake expert, consultative and advisory activities on issues of national security;
  • engage in strategic analysis and strategic planning in connection with developing and instituting state policy intended to reveal and respond to threats to national security;
  • undertake organizational and resource-management activities in connection with the reform of the security sector and ensuring national security in the political, economic and other spheres.

This Master's Program is designed with the dynamic socio-political and economic processes underway in Ukraine and the world today in mind. There is no program like it in any post-secondary institution in Ukraine that engages leading Ukrainian experts in national security.


Regional Government

The subject of this specialization is learning the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the influence of national and other governments on the socio-economic development of territorial units, increasing the efficiency of the way regional resources are used, expanding the process of decentralization, and so on. The Program for this specialization has been adapted to the new legislation and regulations in Ukraine and European standards in this area.

NAPA graduates in the specialization "Regional Government" will be able to professionally:

  • develop, adopt and implement government decisions on issues of regional administration;
  • prepare predictive and programmed documents on economic and social development in the regions and individual territorial units;
  • prepare proposals for draft normative and legislative acts to carry out regional policy;
  • develop practical recommendations to government institutions regarding the choice of options for the promising development of territories based on innovative development that reflects EU practice;
  • carry out expert, consultative and advisory activities connected to the institution of democratic governance at the regional and local levels.


Local Government

This specialization prepares professionals in a range of disciplines that are adapted for civil servants in local governments and is aimed at resolving case studies in the development of local communities and territorial units.

Among the competencies that this Master's Program aims to develop are professional capacities such as:

  • developing and organizing the enactment of government policies to increase the level of effectiveness of the functions and powers of local government bodies;
  • preparing propositions as to how to improve existing norms and laws on local government, specifically to reflect practice in regulating social relations and the experience of other countries;
  • introducing methods for improving the organizational component of the electoral process at the local level;
  • mastering methods and mechanisms for providing government services and working in public-private partnerships.


Public Administration of Healthcare

The purpose of this Master's Program is to prepare a new generation and retrain older specialists for national and local government bodies, healthcare facilities and institutions, who will foster more effective public policy on issues related to the population crisis, the unsatisfactory state of public health, the excessive stratification of access to healthcare and medical services among the population, the economic inefficiency of most healthcare activities, the dissatisfaction of a majority of the public with the quality of healthcare and medical services, and the need for government cooperation among branches to improve in the field of public health in Ukraine.


Public Administration of Education

The preparation of education managers and administrators under this specialization will make it possible to resolve problems in educating civil servants, at the national and local levels, as the direct authors and executors of the country's education policy and as the experts in analyzing education policy in the departments of the Ministry of Education and Science and other ministries and agencies that run educational facilities, oblast (central) education and science boards, and county (local) education departments. Following European and world practice, students in the Public Administration of Education specialization will gain knowledge and skills in analyzing and planning policy, strategic management, managing innovative developments in this sphere, mastering the skills of assessing the impact and effectiveness of government programs, and so on.


Electronic Government (e-Government) 
(could expand into several Master's Programs)

The Master's Program in the specialization of "Electronic Government" is oriented towards preparing highly professional specialists who have mastered a range of contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and practices in the creative application of modern information and communication technologies (ITC) and the actual implementation of cutting-edge electronic government technologies (in the relevant body, city or region), for the purpose of both providing government services to the public and improving public governance through innovative processes in the society that reflect the relevant world and European standards.


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